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That is very interesting piece. It immediately caught my attention when I was browsing through your gallery. Composition It is always g...

You achieved very interesting gradient effect on leaves working with knife. In the same time you keep diversity of leaves size and satu...

Feel free to see my January 2017 folder to know what I'm talking here about.
As most representative I choosed Greish Lioness, because I love her wildness contrasted with calmness. Rest are chronological in this folder.

I started year in bad mood and because of that I finally started drawing expressively breaking at last my art block. So it turned into good thing for me.
I started with cold palette, then switched to my lovely reds. I made 11 expressive drawings, then I stared to redraw my old drawing and cat from photo reference. After that I came back to expressive portraits (Greyish Lioness), and trying to depict my health problems I painted An Old Injure. Soon after I got feedback about my gallery from ProjectComment and in next drawings I experiment with tips I received. First was challenge of Sleeping Beauty theme but result was terrible, anyway I tried there sharpening edges with selection tool and I think it's very useful. Next was horizontal canvases and adding more focal points. I also tried to pay more attention to storyteling. In the same time I tried exercises of realistic lemon and result was quite good. On the end of month I joined 2 ARPGs: Tokotas and EquusBallator so I started practicing horses and created Tokota handlers described in short story.

Themes (some drawings matches more that one theme):
- trees - 4x digital painting
- eyes - 3x digital painting
- animals - 3x (1x cat photo study digital painting, 1x horse exercise from drawing book traditional tools, 1x abstract bird from memory digital painting)
- people - 13x (wide range - from realistic-like (1x), through portraits from memory (2x) to whole figure drawing (10x)
- macabre - 1x digital painting
- abstraction - 2x digital painting
- realistic exercises - 2x digital painting
- applying realistic - 1x digital painting
- landscapes - 1x digital painting
- Tokotas: 1 - 1x literature [ENG/PL]
- philosophy or call or whatever you want - 3x journal [3 ENG/2 of them PL]

Total: 27 deviations (+2 I didn't uploaded: traditional horse drawing and previous version of Qiz, because I didn't liked them) - that's very good result. That means almost one drawing daily ^___^. Yay! But... Well... because of health problems which started in December and still continues I stayed home for whole January so only constructive thing I could do was drawing or writing. I'm afraid that in normal mode I won't be able to achieve such result, but we shall see ;).

Aims for next month:
- more exercises like the one with Lemon
- concentration on wolves and horses
- some human anatomy sketches will be welcomed ^^'
- applying storytelling on ARPGs entries - that is good motivation I think
- working on my ink-love style to make it better without loosing emotinal quality what is not easy at all ^^'
- some literature related to ARPGs, but written in such way that people unfamiliar with these games could enjoy reading too ^__^
- some landscape exercises to prepare myself for making good ARPGs entries
- experimenting with any idea I'll find interesting ^^'

Wish me luck and being persintent (and some health would be nice too) ^__________^
  • Reading: H is for Hawk
  • Drinking: herbs



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About me

I love drawing and writing. I am professional game developer, I worked for few years in game dev industry and now I’m starting my own studio.

I’m interested in astrology, I listen to k-pop and c-pop, but also Ludovico Einaudi. And I love cat ^__^ (I have 2 crazy ones).

Sometimes I reply very slow and I don’t want that someone feel touched or disrespected with it. I really appreciate all comments, Notes, favs, Watches and all positive gestures from you all, so let me explain myself. I always do my best to reply to all comments, Notes and all your activity here I get, just sometimes I need up to few days to do that, even if you see another activity on my profile like posting new stuff or faving, giving llamas etc, but this funny film explains it quite well I think: ^^. I always do my best to give constructive replies, to visit people who visit me and leave any feedback, so I prefere to give myself time to reply you with full attention and respect + have some time to change my „social energy bar” mentioned in that film ^^’. So give me some time please ^___^, I surly will reply.


Not This That I Meant...
I am really really impatient last days... I planned to practice skin painting today, but I screwed up and it turned up into this dark "something"... but because I promised to myself to paint daily whatever what can be uploaded so here it is... maybe later I'll get bit better to draw something what makes more sense... :P. Anyway I like mouth, nose is not that bad as usually and eyes' depth is nice...
From Square To Woman - Female Anatomy Tutorial
Few people asked me for this so here it is ;). I still struggle myself with anatomy, anyway I hope that maybe someone will find it useful ;).


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